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Author of the “Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society, trainer in resilience, well-being & touch therapy for adoptive parents, author, presenter, explorer and adoptive single Mum.

I am a master practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and provided stress management training for 22 years with clients including British Telecom, HMRC and Atkins Global. I also founded and owned for 22 years, the UK’s largest school of massage. A respite foster carer for 2 years I am now focusing on touch and resilience programmes for adoptive parents, since becoming a single adoptive Mum in 2011.

Gill Tree is a business owner who seeks to make a difference. Gill invests her mind, heart and soul into achieving a business that all who come into contact with it, whether as staff, tutors or trainees feel a sense of love community and success.
Penny Power, CBE

Gill talks about her campaign to make the UK a Pro-Touch society