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Manifesto Progress Report

Would you like to see a UK society where massage is mainstream? Where you can get prescriptions for massage? Where carers can get subsidised massage in recognition of their selfless act of caring for a loved one? Where touch is our first and most natural language? My Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society is gaining momentum, please […]

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Gill Tree launches a campaign to make the UK a Pro-Touch Society

Gill Tree launches a campaign to make the UK a Pro-Touch Society Gill Tree,  founder and owner of Essentials for Health, one of the UK’s most successful massage Schools, has now turned campaigner. Gill has launched a major initiative to boost the massage industry in the UK and encourage the UK to become a more […]

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Gill Tree Biography 2013

Gill Tree Managing Director of Essentials for Health, Author, Trainer, Professional Speaker and Award Winning Entrepreneur Gill is an experienced professional speaker, trainer and the founder of Essentials for Health.  She is an ambassador for massage therapy in the UK and pioneer in the industry. She established Essentials for Health School of Massage in London […]

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Overfed and Touch Starved

By Gill Tree Looking around me wherever I am out, people are walking about with food and sugary drinks in their hands and an awful lot more extra weight than 20- 30 years ago. The fast pace society we are quickly becoming seems to also mean constant grazing, constant grazing and eating on the go. […]

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Massage for post traumatic stress disorder

By Gill Tree Managing Director Essentials for Health In the US where private health insurance is the norm, massage therapy is a much more utilized therapy for stress and depression than in the UK and therapists there are working more and more to offer relief for war veterans and others who are suffering post traumatic […]

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Massage for Depression

Mild depression and anxiety are both conditions where GP’s are experiencing gaps in their effectiveness. They are chronic (long term) conditions that GP’s find the have limited ability to resolve and yet their patients are regularly attending their surgeries.  It is time to consider alternative options for the treatment of depression and anxiety and massage […]

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The Benefits of Massage for Relieving Arthritic pain

By Paula Ng and Gill Tree Joint pain is nothing new. Arthritis, in its many guises, was described by ancient Egyptian medical texts, Hippocrates (the father of western medicine) and an Ayurvedic medicine text from 123 AD respectively. (1) Today, more than 10 million adults in the UK, (6 million women and 4 million men), […]

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Massage can help in the rehabilitation of injury

Marc Lynn was employed as a full-time firearms protection officer for over a decade. However, due to a serious spinal injury in 2010, and subsequently, six major surgical procedures, he became restricted from undertaking his usual job role, and was moved to a part time office environment. Throughout his recuperation period, he undertook many rehabilitation therapies, and was inspired by how massage provided the ultimate relief from pain, and bestowed a vital sense of well being, which assisted the body to heal itself after surgery. […]

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Benefits of Massage

By Gill Tree, Managing Director of Essentials for Health Massage has a huge number of benefits to all the systems of the body. By massaging and relaxing the muscles there is a domino effect to all the other systems of the body. We also bring about a relaxation that brings the body into homeostasis, a […]

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The importance of Loving Touch to develop a bond with an adopted child

By Gill Tree, Adoptive Mum and owner of Essentials for Health, London School of Massage My son arrived in August 2011 at just three years old. My life like any other adoptive parent has been a rollercoaster ride for the last 2 years, but I have to say, it has been the ride of my […]

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