Manifesto Progress Report

Would you like to see a UK society where massage is mainstream? Where you can get prescriptions for massage? Where carers can get subsidised massage in recognition of their selfless act of caring for a loved one? Where touch is our first and most natural language? My Manifesto for a Pro-Touch Society is gaining momentum, please sign our petition and share it with your friends and colleagues

I had a great meeting last week with John French the Chief Executive of the FHT. (Federation of Holistic Therapists) who are fully supporting the campaign. (yippee) thanks John.

The Massage in Schools Association have also given their full support. and I have applied to be an associate member of the parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare and have spoken with David Treddinick the MP who heads up the group.

Part of my current work for the manifesto is to forge links with charities that represent people with diseases/disorders and conditions that would benefit hugely from massage. Our initial focus is with the following:
back pain, arthritis, alzheimers, depression, heart conditions, stroke, Skin conditions, IBS, Stress, Repetitive strain injury, Post traumatic stress disorder. if you have any contacts in any organisations representing these groups, I would be really grateful if you could put me in touch.

2014 is going to be amazing!

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