Massage and it’s benefits for people with cancer

As massage therapists most of us have been taught on our massage course that cancer is a contra-indication to massage ande something to be fearful of.

In the UK Cancer is on the rise, the BBC reported that “The number of people in the UK who will get cancer during their lifetime will increase to nearly half the population by 2020”, and increasingly people are learning to live with their cancer, perhaps having chemotherapy as a matter of routine, year on year out.

It is therefore time to address this outmoded thinking particularly as Cancer Charities such as cancer research and health care providers such as Macmillan nurses endorse massage.

‘Recent research carried out at the Haven Breast Cancer charity showed that as many as 89 per cent of patients feel better as the result of receiving complementary therapies alongside traditional medical treatment”

Whilst always advisable to consult with the persons oncologist before beginning a series of massage treatments and perhaps doing some training to develop your confidence, the massage therapist in 2014 should not shy away from this rewarding work.

A good training should help you feel comfortable in a clinical setting, support you with developing your listening skills and equip you to work confidently around hospital equipment and on a ward, whilst understanding the cancer journey.

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