Massage can help in the rehabilitation of injury

Marc Lynn was employed as a full-time firearms protection officer for over a decade. However, due to a serious spinal injury in 2010, and subsequently, six major surgical procedures, he became restricted from undertaking his usual job role, and was moved to a part time office environment.

Throughout his recuperation period, he undertook many rehabilitation therapies, and was inspired by how massage provided the ultimate relief from pain, and bestowed a vital sense of well being, which assisted the body to heal itself after surgery. Through holistic approaches his recovery was aided remarkably, and did so without any reliance on harmful medication, or other expensive ministrations. This enlightened Marc to the point, where he is now training in massage and sports massage to share the therapeutic, healthy and non – invasive benefits of massage with others. He plans to utilize the acquired skills to assist, educate and help rehabilitate injured, sick or grief stricken colleagues, to aid recovery from both physical and mental traumas.

It is no surprise to us as a training school for massage and sports massage and a preferred supplier to the MOD Career transition Partnership under the ELCAS scheme that we train a lot of ex military personnel.

For many ex-military a new career that is active, allows them to be their own boss, work with people and help peoples health and wellbeing is highly attractive. Sports massage which can include rehabilitation after injury and preparation for sporting events can provide great satisfaction not only in the results achieved with clients but in the process of assessing injury and treatment planning.

Gill Tree is the Managing Director of Essentials for Health, one of the UK’s leading Schools of Massage and Sports Massage, established in 1992. She is an award winning entrepreneur and therapy business expert, keen to support therapists with her business acumen and expertise so that they can focus on what they most love; working with their clients.

Essentials for Health, based in London, prides itself in being the School that Provides a Career not just a Course. 01628 476100

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