Massage the antidote to stress

By Gill Tree Managing Director of Essentials for Health

In today’s world, few of us are able to escape from the trappings of modern day living and the stresses that accompany them.

From our environment we are constantly bombarded with noise, pollution, chemicals in food, rush, frights, other people’s emotions and negative news stories from the media, sick building syndrome and radiation from electrical equipment.

On the inside we suffer from our own high expectations, perfectionism, trying to do too much in too short a time, fears founded and unfounded, worries, wanting to please others, keeping our emotions pent up, and being in a hurry.

Our day to day lives are often further complicated by life events, a marriage, a birth, a bereavement, moving house, divorce, losing a job, going on holiday, a brush with the law.

At work we often are expected to take on increasing amounts of work and responsibility, meet tighter deadlines, and work with other people where communication is poor and expectations too high.

In the home people are often juggling their work with their private lives and family commitments and stress is often apparent in conflict and disquiet in relationships.

No wonder we are suffering from stress and that our health may also begin to suffer!

The problem for us today is that the fight or flight response is often activated regularly and inappropriately in modern day living.

A cat runs out in front of our car and we slam on the brakes and experience palpitations, we go for an interview and suffer sweaty palms and dry mouth, we rush around in a hurry and become tense, we have an argument and we feel shaky and sick, we think of that pile of work on the desk and become anxious and exhausted!

There is, however, good news and that is that the stress response can be counteracted by healthy living and particularly the ability to relax.

Relaxation can take many forms; a warm bath, a stroll in the country, yoga, a sauna, reading a good book, meditation, breathing exercises and, of course, massage.

Through the act of relaxation we stimulate a part of the brain (the parasympathetic nervous system) that slows down the heart rate, the rate of breathing, lowers blood pressure and stimulates digestion and immunity.

Massage can be one of the most effective ways to learn how to relax. To switch off that nagging voice inside your head, to unwind from the overwork, rush and worries that compound, to be encouraged to breathe easily and slowly, to have the tension eased out of muscles to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Essentials for Health

Essentials for Health, School of Massage and Sports Massage based in Central London, was established in 1992 and is now one of the most reputable and innovative schools in the U.K.

The School offers an exceptionally high standard of tuition designed to equip the aspiring Therapist with a broad range of skills.  They provide professional diplomas in Holistic Massage and Sports Massage, a variety of Masterclasses for qualified therapists and the ultimate package of business support once students are qualified.

For further information please visit their website at or call on 01628 476100.

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